• The remuneration will be paid to you in the form of Commission as percentage of premium collected through the policies sold by you.
  • It is not a one time commission on a sale made by you.
  • It provides you the royalty income through out the term of policy.
  • As long as policy holder pays the Premium you will get the commission.
  • Moreover this commission is hereditary i.e. it will be paid to your nominees even after your death.
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The Commission rates on regular premium policies are as under:

First year Commission : 4% to 25% depending up on the type & term of the policy.

Bonus Commission : 40% of first year commission.

Renewal Commission:

2nd and 3rd year of policy: 2% to 7.50% depending up on the type and term of policy.

4th year onwards : 2% to 5% depending up on the type and term of policy.

Example of Commission on Endowment type of policy of Term 15 years and above:

1st Year Commission : 25% of Premium.

Bonus Commission : 40% of first year Commission (i.e. 10% of Premium)

Total 1st Year Commission : 35% of Premium

Renewal Commission:

2nd & 3rd Year of policy : 7.5% of Premium

4th Year onwards: 5% of Premium

Your Expected Commission for Next 5 years:

Expected Premium Expected Commission
1st year 2nd year 3rd year 4th year 5th year
12,00,000 4,20,000 90,000 90,000 60,000 60,000
24,00,000 8,40,000 1,80,000 1,80,000 1,20,000
36,00,000 12,60,000 2,70,000 2,70,000
48,00,000 16,80,000 3,60,000
60,00,000 21,00,000
TOTAL 4,20,000 9,30,000 15,30,000 21,90,000 29,10,000

As Years pass by your Renewal Commission keeps on increasing thereby assuring you a pension for the next 20 to 25 years when you stop working or to your family on your death.

We will make sure through our meticulous training that your earnings should be as per above chart, but that requires willingness on your part to take lot of physical pain.


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